Team work is very important in our work.It is quite often that one is not able to carry out a job by itself.He needs more people to comlete it together.We can say some importance jobs could not be done without teamwork.For example,in a football match,very memember plays a different role which is important,all memembers must cooperate with each other to fight against the opponent team.They can only win the match when they do good teamwork,or they will be defeated.China has an old saying,”Unity is strength”,which means the importance of teamwork.

The importance of team spirit lies in the embodiment of individual and group strength. Every member must integrate himself into the collective, so as to give full play to the role of the individual. The core of team spirit is collaboration. Everyone’s work is not absolutely independent. The division of labor is inseparable from collaboration. Collaboration is for better work. Everyone in the team has different positions, but in order to achieve success, we must work together, waving the flag and shouting at the same goal, and go forward bravely.
Whether team spirit exists or not determines the strength of the team’s fighting power and the strength of the team.
Without team spirit, a group of people together will be scattered sand, will not take care of each other, cooperate with each other, force can not make one place, such a group of people combat effectiveness is very weak.
In short, team spirit is the essential essence of any organization.

In modern society the competition is so enough, but team spirit can lead us to success, especially in Olympic games. The importance of team spirit is best demonstrated in the case of Chinese women’s volleyball team.
Chinese women were back to the top of volley world in Athens Olympic Game but the road to victory is not so flat. To the most extent, the team’ success is attributable to its team spirit. At the beginning, China lost Zhao Ruirui, known as “backbone”of the team and the MVP of 2003 World Cup. Her blocking and fast-attacking are so efficient that to some degree the team is a Zhao’s team. When the Chinese team lost Zhao in 2004 Olympic Game,a majority of people thought it would be difficult for the team to get gold medal. Without choice, Coach Chen Zhonghe chose Zhang Ping to play in the place of Zhao Ruirui. Zhang Ping said,”I’m Zhang Ping and I’m not Zhao Ruirui Second. Without Zhao Ruirui on the court, we are trying to learn to play as a team.”As a matter of fact, they really played as a team. The final match was between China and Russia. When the Chinese team lost the first two rounds, its members didn’t show any sign of giving up. They encouraged each other to strive until the last moment of the match. Finally, the girls of the Chinese team defeated the Russian team 3:2and got the Championship once again 20 years after their predecessors got the gold medal for the first time in 1984. In a sense, their victory is due to their team spirit.
Chanting and crying in the lock room, running around the field with the national flags over their heads and showing their gold medals to the audience were Chinese players’ way of celebration upon their victory in Athens 2004 Olympic game. Their victory has evoked strong echoes in Chinese people’s minds. All of us should learn from their team spirit.

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