Different people have various ambitions. Some want to be engineers or doctors in the future. Some want to be scientists or businessmen. Still some wish to be teachers or lawers when they grow up in the days to come.
Unlike other people,I prefer to be a farmer. However, it is not easy to be a farmer for Iwill be looked upon by others. Anyway, what I am trying to do is to make great contributions to agriculture. It is well known that farming is the basic of the country. Above all, farming is not only a challenge but also a good opportunity for the young. We can also make a big profit by growing vegetables and food in a scientific way. Besides we can apply what we have learned in school to farming. Thus our countryside will become more and more properous.
I believe that any man with knowledge can do whatever they can so long as this job can meet his or her interest. All the working position can provide him with a good chance to become a talent.

I want to be a teacher when i grow up.Beacuse teacher can stay with children every day ,i think children are very lovely and clever,and i can teach them many things.And i can tell them how to be a man .I will get on well with my class,then they will love me very much,i will very happy.So i should try my best to study hard ,and i think my dream will come true.

Ideal is the beacon life navigation.Every person should have his own ideal.Some people have become scientists or the astronomers yes I would,some people just want to do an ordinary workers,people’s teacher.My ideal is to be a reporter.
Whenever I see TV wars,the true love scene,I naturally think of war reporter of the credit.With their lives bets,unarmed in the battlefield to wander,just to win people the feeling of peace.In television,sports games was in full swing,in addition to the athletes,who has the same hard?It is a reporter.The dog,they in the camera busy trying,but people in the big shout “wonderful” at the same time,see the glory of the athletes,forget the reporters sweat.They also is tired.In fact,most of the time not people forget to reporters,but reporters to firmly “hidden” rise.I admire the reporter’s silent and selfless,at the same time,a ideal seed germination in my heart.I think:the reporter,is a glorious career.
Since the childhood,my ideal has been changed:scientists,the police,the driver.But it only in “reporter” two words make on for several years.If I become a reporter,I will do everything in my power to the latest news for the audience.Maybe I can’t become a famous journalists,but I will still be in only on the position of the struggle.Where there is news,I rushed to where,for the first time as the audience brought the events.I want to let only lens stopped at the great river north and south.If there are conditions,I’ll be out of an autobiography,to let everyone know that’s journalist is not easy.There were no press,people cannot understand quickly national and international affairs,also do not have the slang is the talk of after-dinner speaking,that way of life how disappointing!
The parents said to me,the reporter is eat rice of youth,wait old you have is place.And,I also know as a journalist,will be rejected by many people,don’t understand.But no matter what,I love the media business.In order to achieve my ideal,I should as a child study well,strive for the goal of from I step closer!

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